How ROI·DNA helped Drift to increase enterprise pipeline by 350%

When Drift turned to ROI·DNA to accelerate account engagement and pipeline growth, we immediately knew a hyper-targeted ABX strategy was the answer. In just 6 months, the results say it all!


  • 350% increase in new enterprise pipeline won 
  • 55% reduction in CPL
  • 37% over account engagement goals


Drift needed immediate results, so we took a phased approach in launching their paid search, paid social, and programmatic advertising. After the campaigns were generating healthy leads, we turned our focus to building out an ABX pilot to increase engagement with their key accounts. Then we layered in keyword-level insights from our initial campaigns into the pilot for enhanced performance.  Curious about what happened next? We'd love to share it with you. Let's talk!

“Over the past 6 months ROI·DNA drove significant growth in all three of our paid media channels with our ABM pilot. Their recommendations seamlessly ladder up to our organizational goals and the team is like an extension of my own. They have done an amazing job scaling with us, I couldn’t be happier.”

-Caitlyn Seele
Head of Digital Marketing, Drift
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